Sunday, November 30, 2008

Essential Oils Class

I am so excited to be having my first Essential oils class. The class is this Wednesday, December 3 at 7pm. It will be at my house. Terri T will be teaching the class for me. She knows just about everything about essential oils. She will talk about the importance of doing a daily liver cleanse, using essential oils to combat colds/flus. She will share all of her knowledge with us. Please come and learn how to live your life naturally. Please let me know if you can make it and I can give you directions.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Using Essential Oils

I use Essential Oils for my family instead of pharmaceutical drugs. I took my two asthmatic boys off all of their meds about 6 months ago. Both of my boys have had respiratory issues since the day they were born. I have spent everyday of their lives giving them pulmicort, flovent, singulair and when needed advair, albuterol and predisilone. It was a big decision for me to find alternative ways to treat my boys. I know using these Essential Oils that are extracted from herbs are the way to go. Their are so many side effects to the drugs I have been giving my boys everyday. I use Essential Oils for my family because of the following:
  • No risk of toxicity
  • Only side effects are you feel better
  • Inexpensive
  • Work more quickly than medicines
  • Pass through skin quickly

Essential Oils can be applied directly where you need them, used in the bath, applied to the soles of your feet, inhaled directly from the bottle, diffused, as a back treatment ( this absolutely works!), as a message/body rub, compresses, spritzer (especially to kill germs). I hope this information helps anyone looking for alternative ways to treat themselves and their family.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jason's Deli

Months ago I heard about Jason's Deli and I finally tried it! They advertise right on the menu that everything they serve is FREE of artificial trans fat and MSG. They also have a huge sign out front that says "We excuse the high fructose corn syrup from the table! " They have many organic items on the menu. I loved it! The coolest thing is on Wednesdays from 4PM until close 2 kids eat free from the kids menu per each adult meal purchased. It is only happening until December 31st. We went to the location near the Chandler Mall. Go try it out. It is great that we can get some organic meals out there.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

ADHD/ADD...Now What?

In my own experience I have spent time with Dr Melmed at the Melmed Center in Scottsdale. For those of you unfamiliar, it is a top facility in the Valley that helps children with ADHD/ADD, Autism and other challenges they might have. They run a series of test on your child to diagnose what will help your child the best. We had characteristics of ADHD/ADD. ADHD/ADD...Now what? Do you try the meds they will offer you or is their another option? I am trying to live life naturally so I asked for other options. Dr. Melmed prescribed me some great alternative suggestions.
  • Omega 3 Fats DHA 150/EPA 150
  • Multi minerals Calcium 500/Magnesium 250/Zinc 12
  • Protein 5 ounces in the morning for breakfast

So I had to figure out the best way to get this in the body each day. Some of things I tryed didn't work so well and I am continuing to try and get it right. We needed just the right amount of the above and I was having a hard time finding it in gummy vitamins from Costco (plus those have a lot of sugar). The first way to get these in the body is nutrition. If we choose foods to eat with the above in them that is a great start. Well I know my kids don't love salmon enough to eat it everyday. I have found they will eat children's chewable Fish Oils though. I bought Carlson Chewable DHA from Sprouts. They are orange flavored and all of my kids eat them just find. Another great source is Metagenics but I order through my Chiropractor. I am still working on the right formula for the Multi minerals. We are using children's chewable multivitamins now. But I am going to switch to a whole food phytoplankton drink. It has way more in it than any children's multivitamin. It's called Frequensea and I am really excited about trying it. I'll let you know how it goes. I will continue to strive to do what I believe the best options are for ADHD/ADD.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Enlightened Homemaker

I just wanted to put a plug in for the Enlightened Homemaker. Shari has an amazing blog page that I have read diligently for months. I have learned so much from her and I am thankful for the change of heart I have had. She has inspired me to live a healthy life. I recommend going to her blog page to check it out. Just click on the link on the side bar (Enlightened Homemaker). I plan to share much of what I have learned from her with you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune defense properties of plants. Essential oils contain the oxygen molecules that transport nutrients to the cells of the body. We need our cells to be healthy. Disease occurs when cells lack oxygen. I was taught that we want our cells to be big like grapes full of nutrients. We don't want our cells to be like a little raisin lacking nutrients. Essential oils contain oxygen molecules that transport nutrients directly to starving cells. They are extracted from a single botanical source, 70x more concentrated than what is found in plant form. Essential oils are taken from leaves, bark, peel, flowers, etc.
The use of essential oils has a long and rich history. The bible mentions 33 species of essential oils and makes more that 1,000 mentions of their uses. Some of the uses for essential oils are maintaining wellness, acquiring healing, enhancing spiritual worship, emotional cleansing and more. Essential oils can be a healthy alternative to gain your optimal health.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Living Life Naturally!

This is a new adventure that started for me and my family a year ago. Well, actually I believe it started years before. I just wasn't ready. Ready for what? I have spent the last year trying to figure out the best ways to live a healthy life. I have spent countless hours reading, blogging and gaining as much information as I can. I have learned so much and I am continuing to learn everyday. I have started this blog to share the many ideas and feelings I have about Living Life Naturally!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Go Forever Green!