Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Using Essential Oils

I use Essential Oils for my family instead of pharmaceutical drugs. I took my two asthmatic boys off all of their meds about 6 months ago. Both of my boys have had respiratory issues since the day they were born. I have spent everyday of their lives giving them pulmicort, flovent, singulair and when needed advair, albuterol and predisilone. It was a big decision for me to find alternative ways to treat my boys. I know using these Essential Oils that are extracted from herbs are the way to go. Their are so many side effects to the drugs I have been giving my boys everyday. I use Essential Oils for my family because of the following:
  • No risk of toxicity
  • Only side effects are you feel better
  • Inexpensive
  • Work more quickly than medicines
  • Pass through skin quickly

Essential Oils can be applied directly where you need them, used in the bath, applied to the soles of your feet, inhaled directly from the bottle, diffused, as a back treatment ( this absolutely works!), as a message/body rub, compresses, spritzer (especially to kill germs). I hope this information helps anyone looking for alternative ways to treat themselves and their family.

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